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  • I have been using the Relief Oil on a very sore knee and it seems to be helping heal it a lot all ready. So much hope for me, as I have to lead an exercise class on Saturday, and for three weeks nothing was improving. Donna D.

    We met Austin at the Hatteras Island Art show at the RWS Community Center. She was incredibly personable and helpful in answering our questions. As avid home gardeners, we were impressed that everything was made organically from her garden. We bought a jar of Holy Basil Oil and have already used it for relief of muscle discomfort. - Jennifer C.

    “When I get bit by a mosquito, my entire body part swells up! I have tried everything but the ONLY thing that has helped reduce the swelling overnight is the A&O Relief Oil! It’s incredible stuff! –Elizabeth C.

    “I have been dealing with chronic neck pain for months and the A&O Relief Oil is the ONLY thing that has helped release the pain almost instantly!” – Sheila

    Shout out to A&O Organics. I met Austin at a Holiday Show and purchased the Relaxation Kit. LOVED it! This was my first experience with Holy Basil and now I am a faithful believer in it! I apply it nightly to the soles of my feet and a little on the back of my kneck and I find it helps me to sleep and definitely relieves stress. I also rubbed it on my daughter's sprained ankle at night and it helped her with the soreness and swelling. It has so many benefits. Love it! Thanks Austin! - Edie Parsons

    Just a quick shout out to A&O Organics! My daughter is 5 years old and we have struggled daily with car sickness..some days are better then others. About a month ago I purchased the Spearmint Oil to see if it would possibly help... Oh my goodness, what a difference!!! In the mornings before we leave, I apply a little beside her nose and behind her ears ( I call it her Magic Fairy oil) she takes a few deep breaths and we are on the road! It has helped us so very much! The scent is not overpowering, and it calms her tummy down! Thank you so much Austin! It has been a lifesaver! – Melissa Hash

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